our (first) mission.

star peace is on a mission to reimagine how we conceptualize “space”
[in every definition of that word]
In vogue, the space station. Star Wars created a universal perception that space should be fought for and awarded through outperforming another. Yet the United Nations Outer Space Treaty of 1967 states all countries should have equal access to space for peaceful purposes only. star peace is an effort to reconstruct our imaginations towards the latter.
Merch helps reframe this universal interpretation: a soft launch. Overtime, we aspire to design a shared space,
[both physically and digitially]
, where both novices and experts come together to collaborate, innovate and chart a course for the future…
[better than here, with all the lessons learned].  
Our paramount aim is to draw wisdom from history and avoid replicating mistakes we've made on earth.
[Maybe even motivate and instigate change on earth.]
We acknowledge our mission might initially appear implausible, but it mirrors the enigmatic nature of space itself. Somewhere that remains intangible until it materializes, a fantastical concept until reality takes hold.
We stand at the brink of that very reality…
[and we hope you join us!]